The Future Kids create a parallel universe with their intricate synthesizer programming and specific sound layering to induce heave nostalgic feelings. Art director Synthazor compliments the experience with epic and aesthetic cover designs.

On January 29 2021 The Future Kids have released the debut album ‘Lost Summer’ through Outland Recordings, the iconic London based synthwave label. The album is a love letter to retrowave’s original pioneers and features 100% instrumental synthesizer retrowave with hypnotic pulsing beats.

“This album is immensely passionate and beautiful and has the ability to evoke such strong feelings of nostalgia in the listener! I think that this incredible work of the finest quality available today will really touch a lot of people who follow this music! I feel this one deep within my soul!!!

(David Rotenburger)

March 25 2022 marked a new milestone for The Future Kids, with the release of their much anticipated sophomore album ’80s Dreams’! This album is the accumulation of the Belgian producer’s decades long love for synthesizers and electronic music.

“The album starts off epic, what follows is dreamwave at its best. 43:29 minutes goosebumps. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes powerful and always perfectly arranged. From the first to the last second a successful masterpiece.

In my opinion, this album is already a contender for the title “Album of the Year”!

The Future Kids has arrived in the Olympus of dreamwaves.

I tip my hat to you! Chapeau!”