Album out!


“This album is immensely passionate and beautiful and has the ability to evoke such strong feelings of nostalgia in the listener! I think that this incredible work of the finest quality available today will really touch a lot of people who follow this music! I feel this one deep within my soul!!!

(David Rotenburger)

The Future Kids is a Belgian producer that takes you on a journey through dreamy and nostalgic soundscapes. With a focus solely on instrumental synthesizer atmosphere and sound aesthetics to try and bring a true dreamwave experience. Roots in hiphop and the French touch movement, bring a fresh twist to synthwave.

On January 29 2021 The Future Kids have released the debut album ‘Lost Summer’ through Outland Recordings, the iconic London based synthwave label. The album is a love letter to retrowave’s original pioneers and features 100% instrumental synthesizer retrowave with hypnotic pulsing beats.

The Future Kids teamed up with illustrator Synthazor to create an epic, aesthetic and nostalgic experience.